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5 tips for formulating an Instagram PR strategy

There are 200 million Instagram users in the world. That’s roughly the population of Brazil. Those users have posted more than 20 billion photos on the mobile platform. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook posts all perform better when accompanied by images. More>

Smile! Marketing Firms Are Mining Your Selfies

Most users of popular photo-sharing sites like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest know that anyone can view their vacation pictures if shared publicly. But they may be surprised to learn that a new crop of digital marketing companies are searching, scanning, storing and repurposing these images to draw insights for big-brand advertisers. More>

10 ways to re-engage dead email subscribers

Seth Godin believes that “marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” Unfortunately, it is a contest that most email marketers are not winning. While many email marketers set up permission-based email lists, an average of 60 percent of the lists are “dead” email subscribers. This is not acceptable, and it’s something that must be fixed. Here are the top ten strategies email marketing experts are using to curb this disturbing trend. More>

12 words and phrases you should never use

You may have heard these tired worn out phrases. So, “with all due respect,” we ask you to “think outside the box” and enjoy this latest post on 12 of the worst offenders. More>

How to turn a bad Internet review into a blessing

Getting a poor review from an Internet listing can be demoralizing to a business owner. How you react can turn bad news into new customers, says PR Daily. More>

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